Spencer Pigot,

Verizon IndyCar Series Driver


“I worked with Jonatan in karting and throughout my first year of car racing in the Skip Barber National Championship. It was a very important time in my development as a driver; I was young and everything was new to me. Not only did he help me improve my lap time, but more importantly he taught me how to manage a race and a championship. We won the championship that year and I couldn’t have done it without Jonatan’s coaching. I still use the things he taught me and will continue to use them for the rest of my career.”

Welcome to JJ Racing Development


JJ Racing Development was created in 2009 under the leadership of Jonatan Jorge, a former racing driver turned coach and mentor with over 20 years of experience in motorsport.


A good attitude and a willingness to adapt are key characteristics of all of JJRD’s clients because without an open mind, there is no room for improvement. JJRD coaches develop all types of drivers, from amateur to professional racing series, and put an emphasis on teaching a better mental approach to driving as well as developing business skills to be efficient outside of the car while managing their careers.


Jonatan and his team of coaches guide their drivers through a career path to aid them in reaching their ultimate goals and are there every step of the way whether on or off track. Their hands-on approach provides the foundation of success.

Who we are.

RC Enerson,

Verizon IndyCar Series Driver


“Jonatan started as my driver coach in my first year in cars, now its been 7 years and I’m still learning so much. I look back on all these years and can guarantee I would not be where i am today without him. Not only is he my coach when I’m on track but he has helped me in so many ways to make me a better overall person off the track as well.”


Tristan Nunez, MAZDASPEED Motorsports Factory Driver


"The driver I am today is because of Jonatan. He was able to mold me into an all around driver that best fit me. His method of pushing you past you comfort zone but always having a positive attitude towards everything, not only helps me be the driver I am, but betters me as a person outside the car as well. I wouldn't be where I am in my career without the guidance and teachings of JJ that's for sure.”

Sean Rayhall, DeltaWing Driver


“Jonatan was my first driving coach at 12-years-old. He didn't only teach me race craft, but he also pushed me to the next level to where I could get those last few tenths (of a second). When it comes to developing a driver, you have to be the whole package, and I credit him for making me that.”


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